Howard Ferren

Howard Ferren

Howard Ferren holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Biology from Rutgers University and a Master of Science degree in Biological Oceanography from the University of Alaska Fairbanks. Throughout his career Howard has served non-profit and for-profit sectors focused on a variety of conservation measures. His diverse interests and occupations have spanned designing buildings for energy conservation, regional salmon planning, and engine design advances to reduce emissions and improve fuel combustion efficiency. Howard is also a Board director with the Kenai Watershed Forum serving the Kenai Peninsula, Alaska.

Howard has devoted the recent decade to marine conservation programs supporting endangered and threatened species research, and marine invasive species monitoring and policy. He works with his staff to develop citizen science programs engaging coastal residents in observing and reporting coastal process and species of interest, given changing climate.

While pursuing many aspects of marine conservation, his passion has been to address the global marine debris tragedy. Building from concept to creation, Howard has worked relentlessly to structure the GYRE Expedition and Exhibition Team of many most noteworthy collaborators including the Anchorage Museum, Blue Ocean Institute, Smithsonian Institution, Ocean Conservancy, Alaska Marine Stewardship Foundation, National Geographic and acclaimed individual team members.

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