All of our oceans contain floating islands of trash that are hundreds of miles long and wide, yet somehow we are still severed from the problem we’ve created. Garbage is killing the very life that depends on the ocean as a source of food and habitat.

In Alaska, one of the most breathtaking places on the planet, a unique scientific expedition and art exhibition bring the problem into perspective.

The GYRE Expedition is an international team of prestigious artists, scientists and educators on an expedition along the Alaska coastline that took place in 2013 to observe, document and collect marine debris. The GYRE team spent a week traveling 450 nautical miles into remote parts of Alaska to change the way we view some of the most disturbing cultural artifacts of our time: marine debris and plastic pollution.

The GYRE Exhibition will tell a global ocean debris story through the work of more than 20 celebrated artists from around the world. The exhibition will include a section featuring the GYRE expedition’s resulting scientific discoveries, as well as art created from the marine debris gathered on Alaska’s beaches during the journey.